A Long Road to a PhD Degree - Do You Really Need It?

A Long Road to a PhD Degree - Do You Really Need It?

A person with a PhD draws attention because it means that he has unique abilities. It is the sign of a student being very hardworking and dedicated to his dream of building expertise for years. Doctorate degrees require many efforts and years of studying. A lot of students find that getting a Phd academic degree requires too many efforts, they just find a well-paid work. How to get a Phd. and graduate university with the best result?

To complete the program with success will not leave time for enjoying free time with family and friends. How long does it take to get a Phd; It requires minimum 8 years of study to get a Phd. degree. We decided to write this article to show you the good & bad reasons for getting the highest education degree; you can think about whether you really need it.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Phd?

The process takes 8,2 years to complete the program; generally, the duration depends on the country. You will be around 32-33 years old by the time you have the diploma & can start looking for a job in the academic field. By the age of 30, most people with a Bachelor degree have decent jobs or are making their career. Think about the importance of a higher degree before you choose to give up many things. Think of how much time you may waste if you never find yourself feeling comfortable working at a college or university.

What Motivates You to Get a Phd?

If you are planning to get PhD degree to seem cleverer than other students, you have a wrong motive. Before you get a Phd in a certain field, do research. Find out what tasks programs include; talk to a student who got an advanced degree; ask him how long it took him, how many sleepless nights he spent, and if he is satisfied with the result.

Getting one of the highest degrees is long & hard. But if you want to challenge yourself, improve your abilities, & if you have a thirst for knowledge & a new experience, do it. Not everyone needs to get a Phd degree. Do not pursue it for a wrong reason.

What Kind of Work Would You Like to Do?

Those students who want to obtain the higher degree, want to work at colleges or universities. Unfortunately, there are not many teaching positions reserved. If you cannot find the job of your dream, you will have to find some job to support yourself financially. To expand the area of job opportunities, look for positions outside your city & country.

If your dream is to become financially prosperous, then getting a Phd is a waste of time. Training for up to 10 years is an intellectual masterpiece but if you dream of becoming rich, do not waste your time. The statistics show that most prosperous people have not even completed undergraduate courses.

Are You Ready for the Workload?

Doctorate promises you obstacles & rewards. To get rewards, you will have to go through 3 very difficult years. Get ready for studying non-stop. You will have to stay focused on doing research, writing a doctoral dissertation and preparing for final exams.

The pressure is high in PhD schools. Frequently, students are asked to leave. Some decide to leave themselves by not being able to meet the requirements. Think of a backup plan if you cannot hold yourself to such high standards.

You may leave the school with a Master degree which is absolutely fine for finding a great job & earning money for a good level of living. Think of another realistic opportunity before giving up everything.

Habits that Will Help You to Get a Ph.D

Review the list of habits that will help you to achieve the desired result:

  • Practice writing – Excellent writing skills are essential for students who want to succeed with a dissertation. Improve your skills every day by writing down information that you find during research. You will improve writing such important parts of the paper: a thesis, proposal, and statement.
  • Read every single day – to get a Phd degree in the science field that you are interested in, you must have impressive knowledge. Read every single day and collect info. Keep track of what you have already learned & search for new materials to check & discover. A book on personal skills or business will help you to prepare for the tough examination.
  • Focus on every achievement; the process of obtaining the degree takes a long time. If you focus on getting a degree in 8 years, you will lose motivation. Focus on every achievement that you have had during learning; this will give you the feeling of staying on the correct path.
  • There is no easy way – If you think you can get a Phd by cutting corners, do not even start. Committee will spot it & question you. Ensure that there is not a single mistake in your dissertation. If you decided to work hard, do it until you finally receive the deserved degree. Show your credibility & dedication to what you do; people will trust you & want to collaborate with you in future.

If you follow above-mentioned tips, you can show good results. If you find PhD programs too complicated or do not feel that your time is worth it, do not start. Assess your abilities. Make sure you are prepared for PhD study.

What Documents Do I Need to Submit for a PhD Application?

Review list of document you need to provide in order to learn below:

  1. Undergraduate & graduate transcripts
  2. CV
  3. GRE or GMAT scores
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. Statement of purpose

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Hopefully, you have a clearer understanding what efforts, motivation, & number of years are required for becoming a doctorate student. If you have doubts, do not start. There are plenty of options to develop, earn money, & become a professional in many fields without being a doctor of science. Make studying an interesting part of your life.