Winning Cause and Effect Essay Topics and Writing Tips

Winning Cause and Effect Essay Topics and Writing Tips

Before we get to the point of some winning cause and effect essay topics, we should learn few facts about the whole point of this case. Our writing company gathered for you the most interesting and effective tips and themes for cause and effect essay writing.

This type of essay requires great focus from you and a serious analysis of the theme you are working with. It is quite simple to understand the purpose and main idea of the essay. You need to show reasons and their effects. Just tell your reader what and why had happened and then describe the consequences of those actions.

Writing Tips

So, the first thing you should do is to distinguish the reasons and effect points and features. If the question of your paper is “Why did this thing happen” it stands for causes. And the question “What happened because of this action” stands for effects. These two should also be reflected in your thesis statement.

Here you have some tips that will help you to write your essay successfully no matter how tough your topic is:

  • You should identify the purpose of your essay. Just decide for yourself why are writing this essay. Is it produced to inform or to persuade the readers?
  • The main focus of your essay should be of all direct and accurate effects and causes. All the closest and related results should be described and included in your essay. Just look what your theme is about and use all remote and indirect causes in the text.
  • According to the topic of your paper, you should get some supporting evidence. This will make your essay stronger and more solid no matter what your topic is. Get some facts and well-identified terms. Statistics is a perfect solution in this case as like examples, personal experience, and anecdotes.
  • All the statements that deal with both sides (effects and reasons) should be on a strict limit. You can even qualify them to get the best result for your essay.
  • Use various helpful questions to evaluate your essay and its topic effectiveness. The most obvious are about causes and effects. Identify and then describe them. Get some points that can be emphasized according to the theme. Identify all the multiple causes and effects and then decide if they should be included in your paper.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

It is not the easiest task to find a good essay topic. While seeking for valuable essay topics, you should get the most interesting and clear for yourself. You should understand that the entire success of your essay depends not only on your writing and analyzing skills but the topic too. There are various fields you can talk about. Such points as pollution, family relationships and values, globalization, urbanization, and business relationships are the most interesting and popular among students. Please note that while talking about politics and religion you should be very careful or even avoid these topics as they are too controversial.

Politics and Culture Topics

  1. The influence of political fundraising influence on voters and their political decision.
  2. Effect of the voting age lowering.
  3. The implication of foreign activists in modern US political life. Tell more about its historical impact.
  4. The main reasons people decide to vote or to ignore their voting right.
  5. Reasons to allow residents to vote online.
  6. The impact social media on the modern society and their political decision.
  7. Causes of the growing poverty among modern children.
  8. Effects on children caused by wealth growth of their family.
  9. What makes teenager avoid attending college and other institutions.
  10. How college affects persons live and future career.

Values and Ethics Topics

  1. Everyday violence and its effect on a person.
  2. Name few main factors that make one society more violent than the other ones.
  3. Main factors that lead to divorces in the modern families.
  4. Main points and reasons for children adoption.
  5. The main reasons violent people bully other members of society.

General Topics

  1. Compare effects of family and friends on a person’s life views and beliefs.
  2. What does make a person happier: health or high financial status?
  3. Name the main factor that has a huge negative effect on the environment.
  4. Compare effects of the country and gender on a person’s life views and beliefs.
  5. Name main factors that are constantly causing climate change.

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