The Easiest Way to Write a Winning College Essay

The Easiest Way to Write a Winning College Essay

College essay writing is a tough job which students fear the most. There are lots of other writing assignments, but this one is the toughest one as it affects your future directly. It is a great challenge, and you must accept it. This task should be done absolutely perfect to have a positive impact on your life.

Besides that, you should realize that college essay alone won’t make a big difference if your test scores are poor. But a well-written and interesting college essay may be the final point for your success. Check out few main tips prepared by our professional writers and learn how you can make it with your college essay.

College essay writing tips

So how is it possible for you, a low-skilled student, to write an applications essay that will set you apart from the rest of applicants and make admission committee tell you “yes”? Let’s go through some crucial tips.

Get the audience interested

Lots of students all over the world spend weeks and even months to produce an interesting and catchy five-paragraph article. But most of them just forget about one very important thing. The admission officer would not spend even fifteen minutes on your paper. From here, the first clue to your entrance paper success is to make it engaging from the first lines.

Some applicants try to tell a short personal story at the very beginning of their text. We advise you to start it from the end leaving the reader in wait for continuation. This approach is well-known among scriptwriters and always works better than an anecdote or smart saying lots of candidates would put at the beginning of their papers. First of all, because it reveals your personality and secondly because it’s a unique story based on your experience, but not some lines pulled out from a book.

Focus on studies

The main purpose of everything that you write in your application paper is to show your passion for the area you’ve chosen. You should realize that admissions committee is looking for a brilliant student who will become a successful specialist in their particular area and add some net points to the college prestige. That’s why demonstrating your intellectual abilities and hunger for knowledge is very important.

Don’t sound too sophisticated

Application essay is probably the only academic paper where you should write the way you speak. More than that, being too formal and using too much of sophisticated language may have a reverse effect. You are risking alienating your readers when speaking too formal. Remember that you are just a human being and no one is perfect.

Follow the instructions

Although application essay gives much freedom regarding tone and language choice, there are certain rules every applicant is should follow. Actually, every task to write an article goes with some instructions attached that should be followed to fit the right format. All of them were given to show how an applicant can stick to the rules and write what is being asked.

Stress is your enemy

This task is one of the most stressful ones for sure. That is why it is recommended to relax. Of course, college essay is an important part of your future, but it will be a life-changing moment to few applicants only. So just do not panic and take it a little bit easier.

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